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How to get a Chiseled Jawline

Specialty Workouts Article

This might just be the most unconventional workout you ever do. In fact several of the key exercises below that target the neck and face muscles can hardly be considered a workout. Before we get there though, this is my first ‘specialty workout’ post and I want to set a clear tone for how these will be written and how you should interpret them. First, I am a strong believer in understanding why things happen rather than simply accepting causation because we have been told so. Therefore, before I get to the exercises I will first:

  • Explain my train of thought.
  • Discuss my rationalizations.
  • Describe the muscles involved.

Maybe you understand and value that too, or maybe you disagree and are going to scroll over the first bit of this article (or click here). But for those of you that read thoroughly, I am betting you will be better for it. Second, we will get to the exercises and third, we can formulate a plan to do them.

Jaw Logic

Ah, the elusive jawline. Actors, actresses, and models have made a pretty penny with strong features like this. It is something deeply sought after but rarely attained, so how can someone without a clean jawline get a chiseled one? How come some people just ‘have it’ without even trying and others work tirelessly without result? You can find answers out there online, I have searched through plenty of them in my time but they were rarely effective and rarely helpful. Most people will tell you that it is simply genetic and that you need to just deal with it. Well… in my vain quest, I refused. And apparently so have you!

I have absolutely found effective (natural) methods to enhance your jawline and clean it up. There has been a noticeable change that I have seen in myself and I am hoping you will say the same. But of course just to cover my arse here I have to disclaim that it is possible that these aren’t going to work for you. Give it a full effort though and see for yourself, you really don’t have much to lose. Before we get to the actual exercises I need to fully explain the how’s and the why’s so that you can be more responsive to your own body and know what you should and shouldn’t be feeling as a result.

Genetics absolutely play a role here, there is no denying that. Having a prominent jaw can be as simple the right facial bone structure, which is definitely something I cannot help with. I have to come right out and say that it is extremely unlikely that doing these or any other workouts are ever going to give you the edge that genetics can. It will take effort on your part to follow through and continue doing workouts. But working with the bone structure that we do have as individuals, there are indeed ways to at least increase the definition of our jawlines given you are in reasonable shape. I apologize, but if you are overweight this may not be effective, try to lose excess fat first and then come back. You may find that in doing just that you already have a strong jawline!

Let’s get started. Setting up to figure this out, the first solution I wanted to find was how to make the skin tighter around my jaw. It was clear that I needed to get rid of the flabbiness underneath my chin and get that skin to be taut almost as if it were being pulled over my jawbone. But in order to get there I needed to first study the facial muscles underneath, these would be the anchors that ‘pull’ it. What you may not know is that our facial muscles are uniquely different from the rest of the muscles on our body. Muscles like your biceps or your quadriceps, the muscles we are used to working out are called skeletal muscles and their contractions and extensions help control our bones. The muscles on our face however, are attached from the bone underneath directly to the skin. This is why and how we can make facial expressions. This is a good thing for our plight because it means that with developing those muscles also comes the potential for tightening the skin around them (it also results in a more expressive face!).

Now that we know working our facial muscles can help tighten our jawline, we need to know which muscles to target. I am going to cut this one short and just tell you which muscles they are. You don’t really need to know the names, but I do want you to be able to point to which muscles you are exercising so at least remember that:

  • Masseter This is the muscle to the sides of your jaw, the ones you clench by chewing.
  • Mentalis This is the muscle at the tip of your chin, responsible for elevating your lower lip.
  • Suprahyoid GroupThese are the muscles under your jaw from the tip of your chin to the top of your neck.
  • Sternocleidomastoid This is the large angled muscle on either side of your neck responsible for rotating the head.

By targeting the above muscles we are able to tighten the skin in that area and potentially burn some localized fat from muscle repair.

Extraneous Factors

The last thing before we get to the exercises is to cover some basic factors that will contribute to a better jawline.

  1. Cut back on the salt – Eating a lot of salty foods increases your water retention which can bloat your cells and give you that ‘swollen’ look.
  2. Drink enough water – This will further counteract the salinity balance in your cells and also boost your metabolism.
  3. Apply toner then moisturizer – As a guy, I personally had never used toner before even though I know a handful of guys that do. It was one of my female friends that suggested it while I was developing this workout with her. Toners tighten up pores on the skin and moisturizing locks it in. Using these may help get the skin taut but it also helps with a cleaner and healthier look. If you don’t believe in it… you should still do it at the very least as a hail mary.
  4. Lose excess fat – It has to be said!

Finally, let’s get to the movements that help you get a better jawline.

          The Jawline Enhancement Exercises          

Because these muscles attach to your skin, it is highly recommended that you moisturize your skin in some way before doing them. Use a lotion or even water. These do not have traditional names, so bear with me:

Chin Raises [images coming soon…]

Tilt your head all the way back and protrude your chin and lower lip towards the ceiling as far as it can go. Now push your tongue to the top of your palate (top of your mouth). Do you feel that stretch under your jaw? Good. Now begin the movement: while keeping your head back, lower your jaw all the way down (i.e. open your mouth), your tongue will naturally recede off your palate. Then in an exaggerated move raise your chin to the initial position as your push out your lower lip as far from your face as possible. Be sure to raise your tongue with your chin so that it once again rests at the top of your palate. That is 1 rep.

Lower Lip Dips [images coming soon…]

Just like with the chin raises. Look upwards and push out your lower lip as high as you can and hold it flexed like that – your mouth should be open slightly due to how far your chin is protruded. In a strong move, be very careful to not lose the flex, lower your chin as far down as you can so that it is tucked against your neck. You should feel a tightness in the suprahyoid muscles (the ones under your chin). Hold there for 5 seconds. That is 1 rep. No need to manipulate your tongue in this one.

Lower Lip Side Dips [images coming soon…]

This is virtually the same as Lower Lip Dips except that from the top position you push your chin out to the sides. From the top position, as you push your lower lip upwards and extend your chin, lower your entire face in a diagonal motion so that you are now facing you right. Hold there for 5 seconds and then repeat with your left side. That is 1 rep each.

Mastoid Holds [images coming soon…]

This may or may not be tough on your neck so be careful with this one, listen to your body. If you have chronic neck problems you might want to skip this. Keeping your torso faced forward, turn your head face as far right as you can. Now, without moving your shoulder, tuck your chin downward and attempt to make contact with your shoulder (you shouldn’t be able to), once you get as close as you can. Hold there for 5 seconds then repeat with your left side. That is 1 rep each.

Oblique Cycles (recommended, but optional) [images coming soon…]

Finally something we are used to. It may not seem like it but while we are focused on your abs oblique cycles are actually doing some great work with your neck and chin muscles. Grab a mat and lie on your back. With your legs up and your hands behind your head, reach to make contact with your right elbow and your left knee while extending your right leg. Then repeat in reverse, left elbow to right knee with an extended left leg. That is 1 rep. Your legs move in a cyclical movement and your elbows rock back and forth from side to side.

Incline Bench/Pushups (optional) [images coming soon…]

This step is generally targeted towards men, so if you are a female and aren’t trying to bulk up, skip this step. The upper pectoral muscles also play a part in tightening the skin around our neck. Developing them adds further tension and can also enhance your jawline. If you do not have an incline bench to use, put your feet up on a chair and do pushups. One push/lift is 1 rep.

The ball is in your court

So there you have it. Using these workouts I have noticed a clear difference in my own jawline as well as a couple of my friends. As for how many repetitions and sets you do, that is where it gets tricky. If you wanted to, you could absolutely put them as a set with defined reps but I am going to tell you what I have done (and do) and what I told my friends.

I barely even consider this a workout with the exception of the last two exercises. In fact it is more like a set of habits. I almost wonder if some people get chiseled jawlines just from turning their heads a lot or from habitually protruding their jaw when they think. Whatever the case, I ended up never creating a workout routine for these exercises; it obviously is not something worth going to the gym for since you could do it right now in your home! Well that is exactly what I did. I decided to simply do it whenever I remembered to.

Find what works for you. I live on the 30th floor of my building so I have at least a couple long elevator rides daily. So whenever I step into that elevator (and am alone, ha) I will do these silly looking exercises all the way down. Usually I will do about 10 reps of one exercise. I mentioned above that these exercises should be done with a bit of moisture on your skin to avoid damaging dry skin. Because of that I now do a set of these in the shower! Not the last two exercises, of course, that would be… unusual, not to mention incredibly difficult. Additionally, if I am ever sitting at my desk or watching some TV I will work some reps in as well. Over the course of the day, regardless of what other workouts I do, I generally will complete over 2 dozen reps of each exercise above – they go by quick! Again, find what works for you, if you want to structure a pre-set routine go for it, if you want to try my approach that is fine too.

I would love to hear your feedback on how it goes so feel free to leave a comment below with updates or questions.


[images coming soon…]



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    • 27 March, 2012    

      Thanks so much for the support! It is very good to hear back from a reader.

  2. Ryan Ryan
    30 March, 2012    

    Can you post pictures that demonstrate the workouts?

    • 30 March, 2012    

      Hi Ryan! I am currently trying to get the diagrams set up before launch soon but my graphic artist is struggling with a broken hand so I am trying to find some temporary work-arounds.


  3. chris cooper chris cooper
    4 May, 2012    

    hey chase, im so glad ive finally found a website that has a list of exercises for defining your jaw-line. I have protruding cheekbones but i really want to try and define the masseter and the part of the law-line that goes down to your chin. I really hope this works man and im gonna give it a go and hopefully i see some results. How long do you think it will take to get results if i do the exercises everyday? also, do you need to necessarily do the neck workouts to define the jaw-line.



    • 5 May, 2012    

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks! To give you just some context, if you are extremely diligent with it as I was then you’ll start to see (and feel!) a tightness around your jaw after one week. Initially, that gain was attributed to just the fact that my muscles were sore and a bit inflamed which made the skin a bit tighter. However, stick with it and in about 2 weeks you can start to see that, hey, my jaw is starting to catch a bit more shadow and getting a bit cleaner.

      Do me a favor and let me how it works out for you. As for if you need to do the neck workouts I highly recommend doing all of them, they make a big difference indirectly. Lastly, jump up your fat loss if at all possible as it will definitely help.

      Good luck!

  4. Will Will
    17 August, 2012    

    Awesome article, dude! Thanks so much for posting!

  5. Joe Joe
    17 August, 2012    

    Hey how often and how many reps, sets, etc. should I do this workout for?

    • 3 January, 2013    

      Hey Joe!

      For most of the exercises I post on PhysBLUE I leave the sets and the reps up to the reader’s discretion since my recommendation would vary radically based on your current physical state. That said, try a go at it with a basic 3×12; 3 sets of 12 reps each for each exercise. You should definitely get a decent feel for what amount of sets and reps would be better for you after giving that a go.

      If you still have questions on getting it right, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to break it down with you.

  6. Elmarino Elmarino
    28 August, 2012    

    how do u do chase?first i appreciate to such an usefull website
    i wonder if you upload some photos of workout and i want to say that i have very good jaw develop results by chewing gums (12 hours a day) i ask you to send me some exercise for defined jawline if its possible

    • 3 January, 2013    

      Hi Elmarino!

      Thanks, I appreciate it. I have just come back from a long hiatus on this site and my first order of business is to get those diagrams up that I promised a long time ago! Hopefully this will come fairly soon. If you have any issues on how to do them just send me an e-mail with your questions.

  7. elmarino elmarino
    31 August, 2012    

    hi chase how do u do?
    i appreciate for your good site ,i wonder if you upload some images of workout on this page ,i want to tell you that i started chewing gums for 1 month 10 hours a day and i have good results i just want tol tell you this and also i started your workout since 2 days i will tell you the results

  8. nupur nupur
    4 September, 2012    

    i tried the workout n it feels like over done wid js singl attempts cos nxt day my neck muscles they sort of crampd is it normal??

    • 3 January, 2013    

      Hi Nupur,

      I sent you an e-mail at the address you posted back on September 5th, hopefully you received that!

      For others interested in knowing: cramping will happen with overuse of muscles, but no, do not consider it normal! If it is happening to you, you need rest for a period of time and when you do resume the exercise, scale back the intensity and/or reps.

  9. Amanda Amanda
    16 September, 2012    

    Hi! Thanks for the great info. I was wondering if you are still working on posting some pictures, or possibly even a video? I don’t feel like I have a clear understanding of how to perform these exercises, and I’d love to start doing them, but I want to make sure I’m doing them right. Especially the Mastoid Hold is a little confusing for me. If you could please post some pics/video or explain a little more, I would really appreciate it! Thanks again!

    • 3 January, 2013    

      Hi Amanda!

      Unfortunately I had a large hiatus with PhysBLUE and admittedly was unable to post the diagrams; but I am back at it now and hope to have human motion captures for every article very soon! If you are really eager to begin simply send me an e-mail and I can try and re-explain the movements.

  10. Alexander Alexander
    17 October, 2012    

    I’ve got to say, your article is amazing – just what I needed. But I was wondering, as my skin is relatively tight around my neck already and I feel it stretching quite a bit when I do the exercises (I’m only 14), should I be bending my head back all the way? If not, how much, and will it work to just do the exercises with a level head?

    • 3 January, 2013    

      Hi Alexander!

      Make sure you use a lotion or splash water over your skin at the very least; especially if you live in a dry or colder climate where the moisture on your skin is not easily retained.

      As for bending your neck all the way back, it should be at a natural arc backwards, no need to force it by actively engaging your muscles, however it is much more effective by bending it back as opposed to a level head, it is the main movement that isolates the target muscle groups.

      Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the human neck is actually designed to bend back naturally like this exercise requires, it what’s called the “C-curve”, so just in case you were worried that this stresses your spine in any way, don’t!

  11. Anonymous Anonymous
    18 October, 2012    

    It would be great if you could include photos of the jaw exercises.


  12. damian damian
    22 November, 2012    

    Great Post! but could you please upload the images? it would make everything much clear.

  13. 29 November, 2012    

    wow this workout really does work out your Jaw! I’ve been doing this workout for a month now and I’m already seeing results! I also lost my double chin too so theres a double for you. :)


    • 3 January, 2013    

      That is great news Allen!

      Thanks for coming back to report the improvements you’ve seen, that is what this site is all about!

  14. Styrmir Styrmir
    9 December, 2012    

    Thank you for this, I was wondering if your were gonna put any pictures to show the exercises better

  15. Dean Navin N Dean Navin N
    24 December, 2012    

    Hey Chase,
    I have been trying this for like one month now and it seems to have helped me out a lot. It did work very well for me. I tried to do as you said you on the elevator and all that!! There was once this old lady in the elevator and I didn’t notice her, my bad, and I was doing the exercises at that time. You should have seen the look on the old woman’s face. Poor old lady. Well you really helped me with you exercises so I thought I’d give you something to laugh about!!! Thanks a lot again!!

    • 3 January, 2013    

      Hi Dean!

      Haa, hilarious, it happens to me all the time. I am very happy you have seen improvements that is fantastic. Thanks for coming back to report the results, I appreciate it!

  16. Amy Amy
    29 December, 2012    


    My jaw line is barely visible, I’m in good shape as I’m a sport student so I believe that this is due to genetics. I do have a very small amount of fat under my chin and get a “double chin” easily, this is what bothers me more so than my small jaw.
    I’ve come across your exercises and tried each one out a few times and I can feel a stretch in my neck and a little sore as I never do these movements, so I’m wondering if doing these exercises might help to tone the area just under my chin?
    Thanks for these, I’ve search for this type of thing before and this is the first time I’ve found something as good and as simple as this.


    • 3 January, 2013    

      Hey Amy!

      Ahh, the blamed genetics, I am all too familiar with it! Well, as I’ve said throughout PhysBLUE genetics is inevitably a factor in our physical development but I have a personal vendetta out on the excuses that nothing can be done about it. That said, I am glad you found your way to Physical BLUE; this will be a great test :)

      Short answer is yes, I believe my exercises can help you tone up that area and give you the more defined jaw you may be looking for. Please do follow up with me by e-mail, I’d love to hear about your progress and help if possible.

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