Forging fitness through words


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Forging fitness through words

The purpose of this website is to help people get into the physical shape they want to be in. As many of us do, I too have spent countless hours in the gym pushing myself to the limit. Well, while those efforts were indeed rewarded I found that I was still having difficulty making the gains I really wanted. Moreover, I found that there were “trouble spots” that I had difficulty targeting. For example I would wonder, “how do I develop my v-muscle?”, “how do I get a chiseled jawline?”, “how do I get rid of this stubborn fat behind my triceps?”, or “how do I increase my vertical to jump higher?”

Through creative processes, research, and experiments in the gym I have structured my own ways to deal with these trouble spots and wanted to publish my work in a place that others may also benefit from it. Additionally, I wanted to have a resource for me to post all about the rarer things I have learned about bodybuilding, training, and nutrition as well. Here is the result! This is my corner of the internet where I post everything related to health, fitness, and physical development.

Maybe you have the same trouble spots, maybe you have different trouble spots, or maybe you have never even considered them before.  Whatever the case may be, this collection of works serve as a resource to any individual who is looking to get more out of their time at the gym. Do keep in mind, however, that even if you have never stepped foot in a gym you can still benefit from taking a poke around! Part of my joy in writing these is knowing that I have the opportunity to impact you as a reader and inspire you to want to better yourself. So even if you have never lifted a weight or rarely strap up for a jog, perhaps you just need the right guidance to help you get your foot out the door! The point I am trying to make here is that I intend for my articles to reach and help all people regardless of age, weight, gender, and/or physical condition.

So whether you are a beginner just contemplating a workout regiment, a seasoned veteran who wants to keep in shape more effectively, or an elite athlete looking to maximize your edge against the competition, take a look around and see if you can’t find the advice you need to reach your goals (and if not, e-mail me!).

Everything I write here is my own original content and I sincerely hope you can gain from my own research and experience. Furthermore, I would love to work with you on issues that you personally have. My friends are always asking me for solutions on how to solve their own trouble spots, usually my guy friends will say, “Chase, how do I broaden up my shoulders?” while the girls ask, “how do I tone my inner thighs?” and if I am perfectly honest, I didn’t have an answer for them right away! It took patience and time to work with them on how to achieve the answers to those questions. But there are¬†solutions so do not be afraid to send me an e-mail if you don’t find an article here that helps with your unique problem! You never know, maybe it will inspire a full article and end up helping others who also share your woes. Each one of the friends I mentioned above, as well as I, have walked away with a better understanding of our own bodies and of fitness in general. PhysicalBLUE is an outlet to write and share those experiences with the world in the hopes that others may benefit as well.

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